Ascension Prophecies:
How Modern Day Science and Ancient Wisdom Hold the Secrets
​​​​​​​to Your Spiritual Evolution
With David Wilcock
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Join David Wilcock for an Exclusive Online DocuSeries
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Broadcast Session #1:
What is Ascension?

Learn how the convergence of modern science, ancient prophecies, and Law of One teachings create the perfect portal for Ascension...
  • Alive Universe Model
  • DNA emanation
  • Sacred geometry

Broadcast Session #2: Feb. 16 @4PM PST
​​​​​​​Ascension through the Ages

Take a journey into the ascension prophecies of ancient civilizations...
  • Shroud of Turin
  • Hindu and Tibetan Scripture
  • Temple of Jupiter

Broadcast Session #3: Feb. 23 @ 4PM PST
​​​​​​​Why Your Spiritual Path Gets Blocked...
Discover how media is blinding you from the truth and how you can transcend the blocks to Ascension...
  • Ascension Philosophy
  • Techniques for Ascension
  • The Ascension Diet

Exclusive LIVE Webinar Broadcast: 
​​​​​​​Accelerating Your Evolutionary Journey and Special LIVE Q&A

Create momentum in your life with practical insights and practices to create purpose and harmony in your relationships, career and spiritual connection...
  • Light-body Activation
  • Quantum Leaps in Consciousness
  • Special LIVE Q&A with David Wilcock
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